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Top-notch Kitchen Remodeling Contractor in South Carolina| Make your Culinary Dreams Come True

Kitchen remodeling with HHI Builders is an ideal way to up your kitchen’s functionality, style, and space while also increasing property value. Our designers create a vision for the perfect kitchen just for you that our team works hard to make come alive in your home!

Transform your Kitchen into a Cooking Heaven

It can be fun to envision your dream kitchen in your mind. Let us help make it a reality – no matter how big or small. Our team at HHI Builders is ready to take on all the ideas you’ve been dreaming up, like adding more storage space, installing that gas range stove and creating open-concept areas by removing walls. Check out our past projects in the gallery for inspiration and get started today on achieving that perfect kitchen design unique to your vision and needs.
Do you feel like your kitchen needs a fresh start? Wondering which changes could make the most impact on its overall look and feel? Take some time to consider these important questions before undertaking a full-scale kitchen remodel – they’ll help ensure an upgrade that’s fabulous, functional, and truly fits your lifestyle.

    What kind of layout and design do I want for my kitchen?

    How much counter space do I need?

    Do I want to add any energy-efficient appliances or other features?

    What is my budget for the project?

    What kind of flooring, lighting, and cabinets do I want?

Revamp your Kitchen with our Step-by-step Process

A kitchen remodel can be enough to make any homeowner feel overwhelmed, but not anymore! We have developed a hassle-free approach so that designing your dream kitchen is enjoyable. From budgeting and styling choices to cabinetry details and plumbing extras – rest assured we’ll take the worry away when it comes time for you to create the perfect culinary space in your home.


During the exploration phase, we invite customers on a journey of discovery to learn more about us. Research is essential – check out our Houzz and Google reviews for an unbiased look at how others value their experience with us. Plus, you can get personal by speaking one-on-one with our team to create your perfect project vision and guarantee satisfaction. Then once it’s time to start building the dream, we’ll move onto the next exciting stage, guaranteeing satisfaction. Then once it’s time to start building the dream, we’ll move on to the next exciting stage.


Our interior designer will work with you every step of the way, from measuring and assessing your needs all the way through to adding personalized touches like materials and finishes in our showroom. With three 3D models provided for comparison, we guarantee that when it comes time to refine everything into a finished product, nothing is left in the air.

Building your Kitchen Dream

After diligent work to ensure construction plans are finalized and permits granted, we begin the exciting process of building your dream kitchen. Our team is dedicated to treating each home with respect throughout the build. We take extra precautions by placing barriers around all areas that are not part of the project and running a HEPA air filter for cleanliness.
Plus, you’ll receive regular updates on our progress so that you can stay in every step along the way. Once it’s complete, nothing is left but celebrating your new kitchen – enjoy!

Refresh your Kitchen with our Renovation and Remodeling Services in Hilton Head, SC

Our experienced design and construction teams are eager to take on your project – whether it’s a grand remodeling or a smaller custom installation. From Bluffton to Beaufort, we’ve helped homeowners create beautiful kitchens.

Transform your Kitchen into an Inviting and Modern Space

Maximizing the use of your kitchen space is essential for cooking and entertaining. A well-crafted floor plan should be tailored to you, allowing easy access to all needed while in the kitchen. If there are limitations with size or openness, consider a renovation project to transform it into an area where everyone can feel included and comfortable.

Cabinets and Countertops: Transform your Kitchen into a Show-stopping Masterpiece

From custom cabinetry to old cabinet facelifts, our team can help breathe some fresh air into your kitchen. With options from re-staining and refacing existing cabinets or installing brand new ones with hardware like hinges and knobs – the possibilities are limitless.
We help you choose one that perfectly matches your preferences and budget, such as marble, laminate, travertine or granite.

Refresh your Kitchen with Brand New Floor

When renovating your kitchen, flooring is a great place to start. You have plenty of options if you’re looking for low maintenance – wood, tile, or laminate flooring can give your space an updated look while ensuring long-lasting style.

Stylish and Sophisticated Kitchen backsplash

Give your kitchen the pizzazz it deserves with a beautiful backsplash. This eye-catching addition allows you to express yourself without overwhelming the space. Plus, matching flooring and other elements can create continuity throughout your kitchen that will surely draw guests’ admiration.

Gorgeous, multi-functional Kitchen island

Transform your kitchen—the hub of the home! We can help you create a custom-made island with extra storage, expansive counter space, and comfortable seating. Let us show how an updated kitchen will upgrade family meals and make entertaining stress-free.

Kitchen Electricity & Plumbing

Refresh your kitchen with the help of our experienced construction team. Whether you want to switch up the floor plan or replace outdated appliances, they can handle all necessary rewiring and plumbing work so that everything is in perfect condition before we’re done.

So how much does updating an outdated kitchen cost?

With so many factors and options that can affect cost, planning a budget for a renovation is never easy. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! From our helpful pricing guide with tips on getting started to inspiring ideas from our gorgeous gallery of completed kitchens, let us help turn your remodel dreams into reality without breaking the bank.

Give your Kitchen a Fresh, Modern Look with These Simple Remodeling Tips

 1. Determine a budget before you begin remodeling, as this will help guide your decisions for materials and furnishings.

 2. Consider how you want to use your kitchen space and create an efficient layout with optimal storage solutions.

 3. Make sure to research the latest trends in kitchen design so that you can create a timeless, stylish space that you can enjoy for many years.

 4. Choose materials and finishes carefully to ensure they are durable and easy to maintain.

 5. Hire professional contractors who have experience in kitchen remodeling so that the job is done correctly and efficiently. So reach out to HHI Builders today and let’s remodel your old kitchen into a stylish and sophisticated one.

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