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What To Expect

Considering a big home renovation project?

There is a lot that goes into even the smallest project, so before you get started with a major renovation, watch our three videos that breakdown what you can expect during the Design Phase, the Pre-Construction Phase, and the Construction Phase of a renovation.

What to Expect in the Design Phase

When you begin working with us in the Design Phase you can expect our team of 3 to 5 to visit your home, as partners in your renovation there will be many conversations with us about your vision for your new space and our team of Designers, Architects, and Estimators will be collaborating on every detail of your project from budget to feasibility.

What to Expect in the Pre-Construction (Pre-Con) Phase

When your project shifts from the Design Phase to the Pre-Construction or Pre-Con Phase your engagement with our team changes. Now you begin working with our Construction Team. In preparation for your renovation our Construction team and your dedicated Project Manager will guide you through the decisions that you need to make for your family and for the renovation to happen smoothly.

What to Expect in the Construction Phase

From demo to cabinets to the final walk through, our goal is to tear down only when we are able to put your space back together as quickly as possible. That being said, your home will become an active construction site for as long as it takes to bring your plans from the Design Phase to life.